Journey (78″D)

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Seats: 4-5

Dimensions: 78″ x 78″ x 35″

Jets: 20

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As one of our best-sellers, the Journey has been seen on countless TV shows as the “hangout tub”. Entertain up to 4 guests in this barrier-free barrel-style tub. Enjoy great hydrotherapy with 20 jets and a powerful whirlpool diverter jet as well as clean, clear water 24/7 with D1’s patented optional ClearZone PRO and Vision® mineral purification sanitizer. The only round tub in the industry with 24/7 filtration/ozone.


Use up to 75%+ less chemical sanitizer usage when purchasing both.
ClearZone Pro: 24/hr. circulation pump + Ozone + Special Patented Mixing Chamber.

Control your hot tub remotely using cell signal from your Apple or Android device. Monitor power usage, operate: (lights, heater, pumps, settings)

5 gal. gray chemical bucket with lid, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, Calcium Hardness, Oxidizer, Chlorine, 4 – way test strips, laminated instructions.

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    Hot Tub Features

    Hot Tub Features and Options

    D1® SmartTub App

    With the D1® SmartTub app you can control your hot tub even when you aren’t within arm’s reach of your hot tub. From the convenience of your mobile device, you can turn on your pumps, operate and adjust spa functions, and even set maintenance reminders from anywhere. Compatible with 2021 - Current models.

    Accent Jets

    D1’s patented accent jets adjust and interchange with a simple twist motion for a customized massage.

    Crystal FX Lighting

    The Crystal FX™ lighting system creates a relaxing, colorful experience in your hot tub. Based on Chromotherapy, these brilliant underwater jewels of faceted light captivate and create the perfect mood.


    The surface of your hot tub should be the most durable and comfortable because it is the most exposed and touched part of the tub.

    Vision Cartridge

    The Vision Cartridge offers D1® spa users a natural and effective way to reduce the use of chemically-based water sanitation systems

    Clearzone® Pro

    ClearZone® PRO significantly reduces the need for chemicals by fighting and oxidizing impurities 47% more efficiently than standard ozone systems.

    Terracina Skirting

    The natural wood tones of the Terracina™ Collection create a realistic beauty unmatched in a hot tub exterior.

    Tactile Therapy

    D1’s tactile therapy consists of various-sized therapeutic “bumps” that have been grouped together at key acupressure points for the arms, hands, wrists and feet.


    • Journey Specifications

    • Seating Capacity: 4-5
    • Dimensions: 78″ Diameter x 35″H
    • Number of Jets: 20
    • Whirlpool Jet: 1
    • High-Performance Lounge: 0
    • Tactile Therapy: Standard
    • ClearZone® PRO, 3 part water management system: Optional
    • Vision® mineral purification sanitizer: Optional
    • 75 sq. ft. locking filter w/protective debris screen
    • Multi-colored LED mood light
    • CrystalFX™ lighting: Optional
    • Interior shell choices
    • Exterior Cabinet choices
    • Bluetooth Stereo System: Optional
    • 100% Foam Insulation: Standard
    • Weight Dry: 500 lbs (227 kg)
    • Weight Wet: 2500 lbs (1134 kg)
    • Water Capacity: 240 Gallons (909 Liters)
    • Electrical North America: 120(conv.)/240V,  variable power: 30/40A, 110V 15A (standard)
    • Pumps North America: 60 HZ : 1 x 3.0/(1.5 continuous duty) HP 2-Speed Pump, 1 x 24 hour silent Filtration Pump (Optional)


    Additional information


    Front View, Top View

    Shell Color

    Ultralife White, Ultralife Gray, Moonstone, Desert Stone, Smoked Marble

    Skirt Color

    Driftwood Gray, Vintage Cedar, Midnight Maple

    9 reviews for Journey (78″D)

    1. Sonoma Hot Tubs

      A Best seller for smaller spaces, simple layout. Powerful whirlpool jet. Durable and easy to use controls. Huge filter. 24 hour filtration & Ozone available for ease of maintenance and less chemicals.

    2. A L

      Terrific hot tub. It would be 5 star if large jet was on either side instead of right side only.

    3. Robert Skinner

      Perfect for our needs for two people. The whole process was easy as Thomas helped with site Qs & recommended an Electrian to wire the install. The whole process was seem less & quick. The tub is easy to maintain & Sonoma Hot tube has provided super after market service when needed. We love it & going for a soak now

    4. Jo

      I so love this tub during these difficult times. It totally destresses me, use it every night before bed. Thomas and friends are always there when I need them.

    5. Christine Adams

      What a Great hot tub, everything about this tub is wonderful. Such a great way for us to end each day.

    6. Marcus Porrino

      Thomas and the whole crew were really helpful and making this tub a reality for my family of five. It’s cozy when all five of us are in it and it’s heavenly when it’s just my wife and I! We use the salts and I’ve been able to maintain a chlorine free experience so far. When we had trouble with one of the mechanisms, there Were two guys out on the job within hours and fix it right away. It’s been a great tub, perfect for our yard and family.

    7. Maria Vizcarra

      I’ve had this hot tub for over a year now and I still enjoy every bit of it! One of the best purchases I’ve made in my life and has repeatedly given me therapeutic benefits overtime. This size is perfect- not too big where it would require more maintenance and not too small for you and a partner (or other friends) to enjoy it with. You wont regret it if you purchase it!

      A Best seller for smaller spaces, simple layout. Powerful whirlpool jet. Durable and easy to use controls. Huge filter. 24 hour filtration & Ozone available for ease of maintenance and less chemicals.

    8. Catherine

      I have known too many people who bought cheap or used hot tubs, and ended up paying an exorbitant amount for repairs or for hauling it away. This was the only quality hot tub with a great warranty that was in my price range. I recommend this tub for people who want the quality without the huge price tag. or huge footprint.
      * My absolute favorite part: the back massage and foot massage jets. The back massage has 9 jets, and feels amazing; the foot massage has 2 jets at the bottom of the tub and is directly across from the back massager so you can potentially experience both at the same time. I have arthritis in my feet, and the foot massage jets really relieve the pain.
      * Dimension tubs are knows for their excellent water management system, and honestly I can see the difference. I’ve had to use much less chemicals than I expected (after previously owning a pool and helping others with their hot tub maintenance). I have the simplest system rather than an upgraded one, though that is with only 1-2 people regularly using the tub.
      * The cabinet is attractive and very easy to clean–I’ve had it for 7 months (with a lot of wind and rain in that time), and with a quick spray of the hose, it looks like new.
      * It’s easy to maintain. I’ve done all of the work myself, including draining and refilling it, and it wasn’t difficult. The directions provided with the tub are clear. I know I’m reviewing the tub not the store, but I have to say that the people at Sonoma Hot Tubs always give me helpful tips when I buy cleaning products or come for questions–I appreciate that they don’t try to upsell me on services!
      * The changing colored lights are fun!
      * It’s energy efficient–I’ve noticed very little effect on my electricity bill, which was a concern for me.
      * This comfortably fits 3-5 people, depending on the people’s size and how much personal space you need. However, I prefer the jets to be fairly powerful, like a massage, and the tub seems to divert power from some jets in order to strengthen others. In other words, three to four people can’t necessarily get a strong jet.
      * The cover stains easily. Though I’ve cleaned it as directed, the tree pollen and bird droppings are still lightly visible. Admittedly, my tub is under a tree (a privet tree, no less!) so it does have more to contend with then many covers will.

    9. Mary Bennett

      We purchased our round tub (Journey) 2 years ago. It’s perfect for 2 although we have had 4 in it a time or two! Thomas and the crew were very helpful in the selection process. We were able to see the tubs at the Sonoma location including the round one we were interested in. The crew that delivered and set it up for us were also great! We use the vision filter along with the minerals salts which lower the amount of chlorine we need to use. We love our tub!!

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