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As a general contractor I have installed literally dozens of hot tubs. Sonoma  hot tubs delivery and installation and tutorial were the best I have ever experienced. I recommend Sonoma Hot Tubs very highly. They are pros !


Louis Ferrario


It was a remarkable process, as I went from finally deciding to trade in my old spa to having a new to me one in just three weeks. I met some very friendly and knowledgeable people starting with Andreain sales, to Tom the owner, on the phone with Paul in removing and delivery, and finally with Michael for the final setting up process.All were always available, patient, and open to my question , and thoughts on the purchase. I made a good choice to go local with Sonoma Hot Tubs.


Bruce C


Very satisfied with customer service and dedication to satisfying customer needs. Highly recommend.


Kevin A


Very satisfied with how with the final outcome of our product and service. Great attitude and desire to satisfy us. Highly recommend.


Kevin Austin


We got a hot tub from Sonoma Hot Tubs in early November and couldn’t be happier. These guys are pros and delivered the tub at the date/time they said they would. The spot we wanted our tub in required them to get through a very narrow fit which they did with no problem. Michael walked me through the care and maintenance of the tub and left me with a handy “cheat sheet” which has been a great aid. When I had a question about a noise one of the pumps was making , Michael took my call late on a Friday and patiently walked me through the resolution which was quick and easy. If your going to invest in a hot tub these guys should be your first choice! The Dimension One hot tub is a great product too. Very satisfied.


Jobobb S.


These guys are great! Very responsive and delivered professionally with friendly, considerate service. They were focused on my satisfaction and took all the time needed to make sure I was happy. Before they left Michael left his cell number and told me to call with any questions. We love our hot tub. You can’t go wrong with these guys.


Erik K


I am VERY happy with my tub! I use it every day. The entire process from my first visit to the showroom, through purchase and delivery, ending with my training session for maintaining the water, was smooth, easy, and fun. Rarely do I enjoy a transaction with a company as much as I enjoyed this one. I’m so glad I decided to make this purchase!


Veronica T


I’m a blessed Wine Country Resident & Lover with a fabulous view of hillside grapes and nature preserve. The only thing missing was a working tub! From the friendly, bright Sonoma Showroom to Thomas (Owner) to Michael (Installer), my Sonoma Hot Tub experience was efficient & idyllic. They explained my options, understood the look/feel I was seeking, gave me competitive pricing (from the onset) and delivered exactly what was promised in precisely the manner I expected. In less than 2.5 hours, my old tub was neatly gone and my new tub was up and cooking. I couldn’t have imagined a better group of people to work with or nicer major-purchase experience!


Ella C


Great products, honest sales, good prices and most of all, after-sale service and support. It’s great to have such quality locally.When you plan to to spend as much as a good spa costs, you want to do it right. Thomas met with the guy who poured my patio, and with the contractor who put in my 220 outlet, so everyone knew just what to expect on installation.One year after of using my tub, I had a warranty repair. Thomas took care of my repair without a blink. What more can you ask?


Mike B.


Review update:  After 1+ years with our Bullfrog spa from Sonoma Hot Tubs, we are extremely satisfied.  Have had the opportunity to go into Thomas’ new showroom (it’s very nice, BTW) and buy some spa treatment chemicals and new filter cartridges and received the same courteous, professional treatment as we did when we bought the spa.


Continued 5-stars for Thomas and CCHT.  If you are in Sonoma and wanting a spa, look no further than CCHT.




Thomas and Robert were recently very helpful in repairing and restoring our hot tub. All work was done without our needing to be at home and communication of the problem, their timing and our results was excellent. I highly recommend them!


Andy G


Very helpful and reliable service!


William Strull


Great tub and outstanding service.


Donn D


Great tub and Michael is a wonderful installer.


Dennis H


Great customer service!


Linda C.


Exceptional service and products. I can’t speak highly enough of Thomas and his team. They are friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and extremely service oriented. After we purchased our tub late last year (we were first timers), the tub was delivered and set up without issue by Michael, the service technician. He also spent considerable time showing us how to care for the spa and water. Never experienced service this good and cheerful. A few months after installation, there was an issue (even though they no longer sells that brand) and Thomas took care of us quickly. Extremely satisfied. We recommend them to all our neighbors and suggest you visit them too.


H G.


Thomas and his team are very knowledgeable and provide the type of service where you don’t have to worry about your hot tub maintenance.  Because I own a vacation rental with a hot tub, it has to be fresh and clean and regularly maintained for our guests and Thomas does a great job.  They are very consistent.  They even searched all over the internet to find the filter that fit my old model hot tub.  They are very dedicated and an excellent vendor if a world of mediocre service providers for sure. .  .


Joe H.


The entire purchase/installation process could not have been better.  Thomas came to my home and gave a very thorough and objective presentation educating me about all things hot-tub. I never felt rushed or pressured.  He left samples with me and once I made a decision the purchase process went smoothly. Installation was equally smooth and Thomas never failed to answer my calls or return them promptly when I had questions about getting our site ready.  The day of installation was flawless.  They showed up right on time, explained everything to me, and obviously knew exactly what they were doing.  Oh, and the quality of my Bullfrog spa could not be better.  It has been working perfectly for well over two years now.  I highly recommend Sonoma Hot tubs, Thomas, and their tub products.


Jim B.


Review update:  After 1+ years with our Bullfrog spa from CCHT, we are extremely satisfied.  Have had the opportunity to go into Thomas’ new showroom (it’s very nice, BTW) and buy some spa treatment chemicals and new filter cartridges and received the same courteous, professional treatment as we did when we bought the spa.


Continued 5-stars for Thomas and Sonoma Hot Tubs.  If you are in Sonoma and wanting a spa, look no further than Sonoma Hot Tubs.




I have lived in Sonoma for about 30 years. As a business owner in town, I try to spend my money in town when possible. We have an older Sundance hot tub that has been a bullet proof until a couple weeks ago. The main pump started squealing when it did it’s daily circulation. I was pleased to find we have a business here in town that was willing to come out and do the repair.


At first I was concerned that I would hear ” oh, this is just the start of a bunch of trouble, you should replace the whole tub”, or ” this repair is gonna cost a boatload of cash”! Well Thomas came out and assessed the problem. He gave me 2 options, but suggested the less expensive of the 2. He gave me a very fair quote for parts & labor. we agreed to the job. He fixed in less than a week! Kept to his original quote, and gave me a bunch of tips about how to get more life out of our ten year old tub! I found out after the fact that he sells new tubs. Not once did he try to up sell me to a new tub! Very professional!


Bottom line…great customer service, fair pricing, prompt, and quality workmanship! I believe he travels all over, if so, a call to Sonoma Tubs is worth it! Thanks Thomas!


Robert W.


I’ve had my hot tub for about 6 months now and I love it…so I thought I’d write a review. Picking the right tub is hard, as there are so many brands. Luckily, I ran into Thomas as Costco one day and he introduced me to the hot tubs. After researching the company on my own, that is the one I wanted. The online configurator sent me to another dealer in the bay area, but Thomas’ price was significantly less and he seemed more intimate with the entire process and did not act like a sales guy.


The delivery guys he used are great and they’ve been delivering tubs for multiple decades. Very caring of the tub and ensuring it was placed in exactly the right location. Then, the next day, Thomas showed up to hook it up, fill it, and get the initial balance right. It’s very nice to have the person who sold you the tub personally set it up and service it. Ever since then, all has gone well with no issues.


My father-in-law first got a tub from Thomas, then me, and then one of my neighbors. I highly recommend him, as well as their hot tub models. My only wish with the tub would be softer headrests. 🙂


Erik P.


We have owned a spa from Sonoma Hot Tubs for just under 10 years. My husband is in it every single day for about an hour for the past 10 years. To be fair, we have had to replace things that have gone out, but nothing lasts forever. Recently, we had the spa quit running altogether and determined that the GFCI was bad so we ordered one and installed it but the spa still wouldn’t work. So my husband called the company and spoke to Thomas (the owner) and he gave some troubleshooting advice over the phone and Wallah! FIXED! Thank you Thomas for being there for the past 10 years for us!


Heidi H.


We were very pleased with the professionalism and excellent communication of everyone involved, from the delivery drivers to the electrician, to the owner/installer. The hot tub itself is amazingly well-built. We had been looking at hot tubs for two years; I’m happy that we held out for the most energy efficient and fun one out there! I love the idea that we can buy a new jet pack if we want to have a different spa experience.


Cindy S.


This has been one of the easiest and most pleasant sales experiences we’ve had in a long while.  From the first time we met we enjoyed working with Thomas.  He is super knowledgeable and does not use any high pressure sales tactics.  Nor does he need to.  He is offering high quality tubs at very reasonable prices.  The whole transaction went smoothly and quickly.  We are thrilled with our tub!  And Thomas continues to be available to us when we have questions.  We’ve been telling our friends how great everything is and we highly recommend Sonoma Hot Tubs


Ruth R.


Our experience working with Thomas at Sonoma Hot Tubs was exceptionally excellent. Imagine walking into a showroom to take a look at a hot tub at 10 am on New Year’s Eve day; now, fast forward to later that evening, when we settled in the installed, filled, heated hot tub to bring in the new year. Fantastic. Can’t say enough nice things.


Ellen W.


I found Thomas from Sonoma Hot Tubs on Yelp.  We had been thinking of getting a hot tub and we like to shop locally.  The tub was clearly an impressive spa and the company appears to have a fabulous reputation.  Best of all, Thomas made it all so easy.  He is a great communicator and always responsive.  Although I did not end up using his recommended subs for preparing the site and the electrical because I had my own, I would not have any hesitation in hiring them.  Everything went flawlessly and we are totally enjoying our tub!  My husband and I would highly recommend!


Susan M.


i’m the type of person who not only goes for the best quality energy efficient products but am also extremely picky about the salespeople. tom is very down to earth, honest, attentive and great with follow up. i love the  Hot Tub we ordered from him — the installation was seamless. i couldn’t be happier.  thanks, tom~!Jamee + Ondina (Mill Valley, CA)


Jamee H.


Thomas provides excellent service.  We live in San Francisco, and have a hot tub that has been discontinued.  We called about 17 different companies, and none of them would service our brand of tub tub.  Thomas was very professional, and did a great job of following of with the repair and answering my questions about which chemicals to use.  I highly recommend Sonoma Hot Tubs.


Katherine M.


Outstanding service.  Thomas knows just about everything there is to know about hot tubs, from servicing them to operating costs to easy chemical maintenance to who has good warranties and which manufacturers hide the “loopholes”.  Great selection and pricing.


Skicolorado1 W.

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