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19230 Sonoma Highway,
(Mon.-Sat. 10-5. Sun. 11-3)

4970 Sonoma Highway,
Santa Rosa
(Tues.-Sat. 10-5. Sun. 12-3)

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Clearwater Spas

About Clearwater Spas

Our commitment to excellence goes back to the very first spa we manufactured, back in 1976, and is evident in everything we do. Everyone, from the maintenance staff to the quality control department, works hard to keep customers happy and provide only products of the highest quality. This commitment leads us to continuously evaluate our methods to maintain our position as a technology leader.

Our Factory

We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Woodinville, Washington just outside of Seattle. Woodinville’s wine country is most known for its wineries, currently over 45, some of which are world renown. From wine tasting, hot air balloon rides, biking or walking along the Sammamish River trail, Woodinville provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing hot tub lifestyle and Clearwater Spas.

Clearwater Spa sales for Santa Rosa, Novato, Sonoma, Marin and Napa County

The Clearwater Spa (green) for homeowners in Santa Rosa, Novato or Sonoma, Marin and Napa county is a favored choice for technological leadership in spa design, energy efficiency and its practice of using recycled materials as much as possible.

Clearwater Spas is committed to protecting the health of our environment and manufacturing energy efficient hot tubs that help to conserve our natural resources. In addition, our spas are among the most energy efficient in the world and incorporate our e-smart technology system. The ‘e’ in our e-smart technology symbol stands for energy efficiencies, engineering and environment. These three main areas are where we pay special attention and focus our manufacturing mission on being responsible as a global citizen to our environment. We believe that true enjoyment of your valuable leisure time is only possible when you have quality products to enjoy in a healthy environment.

We are continually striving to improve our products and how they are made to reduce the environmental impact of our product. We were the first company to produce an ecologically sound product, and all Clearwater Spas are now produced without fiberglass/resin or any environmentally destructive agents.

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