Hot Tubs

D1 Collections

The first step to a long-lasting and impressive hot tub performance is finding the perfect spa for your lifestyle. Three distinct Collections to choose from: @Home, Reflections & Bay. Here you can browse through all various hot tub models. Come see the finer details of our hot tubs at one of our Napa, Santa Rosa and Sonoma locations.

Cove Hot Tub

Cove (83″ x 77″)

Executive Hot Tub

Executive (92″ x 110″)

Chairman Hot Tub

Chairman (92”x 92″)

Diplomat Hot Tub

Diplomat (92″ x 92″)

Nautilus Hottub

Nautilus (92″ x 92″)

Californian Hot Tub

Californian (92″ x 92″)

Aurora Hot Tub

Aurora (84″ x 84″)

Nautique Hottub

Nautique (83″ x 84″)

Triad 36 Hot Tub

Triad (67″ x 84″)

Sojourn Hot Tub

Sojourn (83″ x 83″)

Wayfarer Hot Tub

Wayfarer (83″ x 83″)

Meridian Hottub

Meridian (92″ x 92″)

Latitude Hot tub

Latitude (92″ x 92″)

Serenade Hot Tub

Serenade (83″ x 66″)

Breeze Hot Tub

Breeze (83″ x 83″)

Dream Hot Tub

Dream (83″ x 83″)

Journey Hot Tub

Journey (78″D)

Lotus Hottub

Lotus Bay (92″ x 92″)

Amore Hot Tub

Amore Bay (108″ x 92″)

Sarena bay Hot Tub

Sarena Bay (120″ x 92″)