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Amore Bay (108″ x 92″)

(1 customer review)

$22,020.00 $20,020.00

Seats: 7-8

Dimensions: 108″ x 92″ x 40″

Jets: 60

Video: Bay Collection


Transform your backyard into an inspiring oasis with the legendary Amore Bay. This tub’s soft curves and cutting edge features create an unmatched experience. With seven luxurious seats including “King and Queen” seats, two patented Flex Therapy Pillow™, with a Dynamic Massage Sequencer™ (6 massage styles, 3 speeds, 18 combinations) for the ultimate massage. A play area, Tactile Therapy, Echo™ underwater switches, three waterfalls with multicolored surround LED’s. To top it off, you the the famous patented UltraPure™Plus water management system. The Amore is more than just a hot tub, it’s a personal retreat for you and your family.

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  • Amore Bay Specifications

  • Seating Capacity: 7-8
  • Dimensions: 108″L x 92″W x 40″H
  • Number of Jets: 60
  • [content_tooltip id=”18405″ title=”Typhoon Jet”]: 1
  • [content_tooltip id=”18410″ title=”Flex Therapy Pillow™”] : 2
  • [content_tooltip id=”18381″ title=”UltraLounge™”]: 2
  • [content_tooltip id=”18371″ title=”Dynamic Massage Sequencer™”]: 1
  • [content_tooltip id=”18400″ title=”FastFlo™ Dual Titanium Heater”]
  • Max Therapy Seat: 1
  • [content_tooltip id=”18369″ title=”Touch Control”]: 1
  • [content_tooltip id=”18396″ title=”Tactile Therapy”]: Standard
  • [content_tooltip id=”18376″ title=”Liquid FX™ Water Features”]: Standard
  • [content_tooltip id=”18390″ title=”Liquid FX™ Lighting Feature”]: Standard
  • [content_tooltip id=”18372″ title=”Echo Switch™”]
  • [content_tooltip id=”18397″ title=”Ultralife™ shell”]: Standard
  • [content_tooltip id=”18383″ title=”Ultrapure™ Plus”]: Standard
  • [content_tooltip id=”18377″ title=”Vision®”]mineral purification sanitizer: Optional
  • [content_tooltip id=”18373″ title=”Status Light”]: Standard
  • Interior Shell colors
  • Exterior Cabinet colors
  • Bluetooth Stereo System: Optional
  • [content_tooltip id=”18404″ title=”D1® Spa Connect”]: Optional
  • Full Foam Insulation: Standard
  • Weight Dry: 1011 lbs (459 kg)
  • Weight Wet: 4467 lbs (2026 kg)
  • Water Capacity: 415 Gallons (1571 Liters)
  • Electrical North America: 60 HZ : 240V, variable power: 50/40A
  • Pumps North America: 60 HZ : 1 x 4.0/(2.5 continuous duty) HP 2-Speed Pump. 2 x 3.6 (2.5 continuous duty) HP 1-Speed Pump, 1 x 24 hour silent Circulation/dual titanium heater Pump, 1 x Fountain Pump



1 review for Amore Bay (108″ x 92″)

  1. Gary Umholtz

    We’ve had this tub for about 4 years now and love it. It’s a great size for several people or we usually only fold back the cover for the two of us. The custom jets are amazing and I especially like the contoured seats. I’ve had no issues at all with the tub and it is easy to maintain. Sonoma Hot Tubs is very knowledgeable and provide great service and can answer just about any question I’d ever have. I recommend them at every opportunity.

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