Swim Spas

We proudly offer Artesian TidalFit and Clearwater Spas Swim Spas for your water exercise and backyard entertainment fun. Prices range from $16,000.00 – $26,000.00.

Things to consider:

  1. Access to location. Typically a crane will need to be arranged to meet the delivery crew to get in the backyard. It is advised to contact a crane company BEFORE shopping for swim spas. You will need to know the dimension, dry weight and location where it is supposed to set in the yard. Crane company will also want to know the distance from the street to final location to determine which size boom truck will be required.
  2. Electrical: 220v
  3. Pad: Minimum 6″ thick with rebar reinforcement. Consider the step specs when calculating pad size.
  4. Are you going to use the swim spa for exercise or entertainment. If doing a lot of swimming, then 12′ is the minimum size, but if you are a taller person then you may want to go with a 14’+ size so you don’t hit your feet as you swim.

Contact us for more details: 707-781-9440, info@sonomahottubs.com