Sonoma Hot Tubs


2 Locations!

19230 Sonoma Highway,
(Mon.-Sat. 10-5. Sun. by appt.)

4970 Sonoma Highway,
Santa Rosa
(Tues.-Sat. 10-5. Sun. by appt.)

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Hot Tubs - Spas

 Sampling of our Northern California customers tub installations.

D1 Aurora
D1 Aurora Vintage Cedar cabinet w/matching steps
D1 Aurora private setting
D1 Journey in Vintage Cedar
D1 Latitude in deck on three sides
D1 Journey in a Deck
D1 Dream butted to raised patio
D1 Serenade in Vintage Cedar
D1 Dream in Vintage Cedar
D1 Aurora in Vintage Cedar
D1 Aurora
same D1 Aurora, NW view
D1 Nautique in Driftwood
D1 Diplomat in Envirotect Gray
D1 Dream under the patio
D1 Journey in Vintage Cedar on a round slab
D1 Triad 36 in Driftwood
Same D1 Triad 36, different angle
D1 Triad 36 in Envirotect Tan
Same Triad 36
Same Triad 36
D1 Meridian in deck on 3 sides
Same D1 Meridian different view
D1 Sarena Bay
D1 Nautique in Driftwood, custom steps by owner, on raised deck
D1 Serenade in Envirotect Tan
D1 Nautique in Vintage Cedar on customer deck
D1 Nautilus w/custom gazebo
Same D1 Nautilus w/Midnight Maple cabinet
D1 Meridian in Vintage Cedar
D1 Journey sunk in deck
D1 Journey in Vintage Cedar, round concrete pad
D1 Journey in Envirotect tan, custom deck