Best Hot Tubs Near Me in California

Do you find yourself craving an at-home spa experience? Are you looking for a local hot tub dealer where you can purchase some of the best hot tubs in California? Well, look no further because you have come to the right place. Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies is a highly experienced California hot tub supplier for your modern at-home spa and hydrotherapy needs. Providing hot tubs in Napa and hot tubs in Santa Rosa and Sonoma we are your premier California hot tub dealer.

At Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies, we believe that the customer’s needs are our top priority. In other words, we are committed to providing you with a hot tub that suits your lifestyle and fulfills your personal need for a relaxing at-home spa retreat. Our large inventory of hot tubs includes many options from which to choose, each with unique features, attributes, and qualities.

So, when it comes to fulfilling your at-home spa and hydrotherapy needs, look no further. We are sure that we have the perfect hot tub for you and your lifestyle. This article will outline the main features of the most popular hot tubs from our three Diemension One hot tub collections: @Home Collection, Reflections Collection, and Bay Collection. So let’s get into it!

@Home Collection

Our @Home Collection of hot tubs are designed with the quality that has come to be expected of Dimension One spas. This classic line of hot tubs includes many beautiful pieces that offer highly refined hydrotherapy at home.


The Journey is part of the @Home Collection and is one of our top bestsellers. With its rounded shape and elegant curved design, the Journey is the perfect at-home hang-out hot tub. This medium-sized hot tub has dimensions of 78”  by 78” by 35” and includes 20 hydrotherapy jets and one high-powered whirlpool diverter jet. With the Journey, you can keep your hot tub hangouts casual and easy going, all while enjoying the best of the at-home hydrotherapy experience.


The Breeze is another beautiful and highly functional hot tub as part of our @Home Collection. This medium-sized curvilinear hot tub, with dimensions of 83” by 83” by 36”, offers open and comfortable seating for up to 7 adults and has a dome free footwell, making it easier to move around. With 35 hydrotherapy jets, a 6 inch adjustable waterfall, and tactile therapy in the footwell, the Breeze will wash away all your worries from head to toe.

Reflections Collection

The Reflections Collection includes hot tubs designed for the most comprehensive hydrotherapy experience. In this collection, you will find hot tubs for all body types, adjustable massage and jet settings, and modern control features, making these hot tubs perfect for your at-home hydrotherapy retreat.


The Aurora is part of the Reflections Collection, and although it is an aesthetically compact hot tub, it includes all the dynamic features that have come to be associated with hot tubs for the modern age. With dimensions of 84” by 84” by 36”, the Aurora includes 33 high-powered and adjustable hydrotherapy jets that can be enjoyed in the contoured seating, which prompts appropriate body posture. What’s more, the Aurora hot tub comes with high-performance UltraLoungers seating for a full-body massage experience that will make you want to spend the entire day inside the hot tub.


The Nautilus is a medium-to-large sized hot tub that is part of our Reflections Collection. Although it is a relatively large hot tub, it is designed with compactness and functionality in mind. At dimensions of 92” by 92” by 36”, the Nautilus can seat up to 7 adults, all of whom can enjoy the 40 hydrotherapy jets and the high-powered typhoon jet in the center footdome. This hot tub also includes two Flex Therapy Pillows for those aching neck and shoulders. All in all, the Nautilus is everything one looks for in a premium luxury hydrotherapy spa for their home.

Bay Collection

The Bay Collection is known for its large spas with many high-performance, dynamic, and luxurious features. The distinct curvilinear styles of hot tubs in the Bay Collection make these pieces stand out among the rest, making these hot tubs everything you could ever dream of for your at-home spa retreat.

Amore Bay

The Amore Bay is a large and luxurious hot tub that is part of the Bay Collection. With dimensions of 108” by 92” by 40”, the Amore Bay hot tub looks more like an oasis retreat than an at-home spa. Able to accommodate up to 8 people, this unmatched luxury hot tub includes 60 jets, 2 patented Flex Therapy Pillows, and, not to mention, a Dynamic Massage Sequencer with 6 massage styles, 18 massage combinations, and 3 speed settings.

To top it off, the underwater echo switches allow you to fully control the major functions of your Amore Bay hot tub with just the push of a magnetic switch. Now, if that isn’t luxury living, we don’t know what is!

Final Words

So, if you are looking for luxury hot tubs that are unmatched in their style, functionality, and modern dynamic features, Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies have a vast collection of California hot tubs to choose from.

Visit Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies today and check out their inventory. Alternatively, you can contact a Sonoma Hot Tub expert and schedule a visit to one of our showrooms in Napa Valley, Santa Rosa, or Sonoma.