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D1 Difference


Dimension One Spas has been a pioneer in the hot tub industry for over 39 years! They have the most patents in the industry as well with over 30. Here is a list with links to more information and some videos of unique features that clearly sets D1 apart from the rest of the competition.

Water Purification features:

  • D1 ClearZone Pro, (Video) patented water management system. Optional for all the @Home Collection spas.
  • D1 Ultrapure,   (Video) patented water management no-bypass ozone system. Standard on all Reflection Collection spas. A dedicated filtration and water purification system. The cleanest water in the industry. PERIOD.
  • D1 Ultrapure PLUS,   (Video) is the most advanced UL – Approved water management system on the market. Standard on all Bay Collection Spas. Combining the Ultrapure ozone system and UV (Ultra Violet) system that’s in contact with 10,000 gallons of water a day.
  • Exclusive Vision mineral purification cartridge. The natural alternative to conventional sanitizers.

Controls, Features & Materials:

  • D1 HUB (Video)- topside control unit. Unlike anything else on the market.
    • 5 Water Care Program settings (Beginner, Away from Home, Energy Savings, Super Energy Savings, & Weekender) to automatically turn your heater on and off based upon daily / weekly usage to save you time, energy and money!  See page 13 of manual.
    • Maintenance reminders: Clean filters, Soak filters, Change water, Change Ozone, Change Vision (Silver mineral cartridge). See page 14 of manual.
  • Ultralife,  (Video) high end thermal plastic interior shell with lifetime warranty. The strongest, longest lasting interior material on the market.
  • Envirotect synthetic GREEN cabinet with lifetime warranty
  • Patented  5 way adjustable headrest pillow (Video)with water jets.
  • Exclusive Dynamic Massage Sequencer (Video)for 6 pre programmable massage sequences. It’s like having a personal massage in your tub. See page 18 of manual.
  • Echo – Exclusive underwater magnetic switches that let you controls lights, pumps and waterfalls from under the water.
  • Smart Heat – the only titanium dual heater and with built in load sharing capability for 2.7 kW, 4.0 kW and 5.5 kW total output. See page
  • Tactile Therapy,  (Video)- Reflexology bumps in the shell that target specific acupressure points of your feet, hands and arms to increase healing and well being.
  • Liquid FX (Video)- Unique combination of  interchangeable waterfall patterns and multicolored interior surround LED lighting. The waterfall has a dedicated silent pump just for the waterfall so you just hear the soothing sound of water instead of using the big noisy jet pump to drive the waterfall.
  • D1 Connect,  (Video) – Wireless wifi remote control through your mobile device of your hot tub settings with auto alerts for water maintenance and issues.  NO activation fee’s or on going WiFi fee’s.
  • Commercial Grade insulation for the lowest energy usage of any hot tub. Based on usage, not holding temperature.
  • Patented EZ-Lift cover lifter.