Top 5 Most Affordable Hot Tubs for Sale in California

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There aren’t many things that can put you at ease in your own home, like your very own hot tub can. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to enjoy your weekends in an affordable hot tub at home, you’re in luck. Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies have some of the most affordable hot tubs California has to offer.

Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies specialize in a large variety of at-home spa facilities, including personalized luxury, water-based treatments, and physical and mental wellness. Moreover, their 18 years of experience in hot tub supply means that Sonoma is highly committed to providing every customer with hot tubs that suit their needs. All in all, this California hot tubs supplier should be your go-to if you are looking to install a hot tub at home that exceeds all your expectations.


So, without further ado, here are the top 5 most affordable hot tubs for sale in California that you can purchase at Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies.

1. Journey

If you are looking for a “hangout tub” to entertain up to four guests, the Journey is a great option to go for. With 4 to 5 seats and dimensions of 78” x 78” x 35”, you can enjoy the comfort of the Journey as one of our best sellers.

The Journey hot tub certainly is a enjoyable hot tub. With 20 jets and a powerful whirlpool diverter jet as well as clean, clear water 24/7 with D1’s patented optional ClearZone PRO and Vision® mineral purification sanitizer. The only round tub in the industry with 24/7 filtration/ozone. This is one of our best-sellers! It has been seen on countless TV shows is known as the “hangout tub”.


2. Wayfarer

Another affordable hot tub with a large seating capacity is the Wayfarer, a highly versatile hot tub to satisfy your backyard spa needs. This 5 to 6 seater hot tub has dimensions of 83” x 83” x 36” and comes with 42 jets to maximize your hydrotherapy experience, all while being an affordable investment.

With the Wayfarer, you can enjoy a deep, powerful therapy massage or a more subtle massage with the shoulder-top jets and the patented jet therapy pillow. All this, along with the multi-colored LED mood light and exterior cabinet choices, makes the Wayfarer one of the most affordable hot tubs California has to offer.

3. Sojourn

The Sojourn is another full-sized affordable hot tub for you and your whole family. With 5 – 6 seats and dimensions of 83” x 83” x 36”, you don’t have to enjoy the countless massage variations of the Sojourn’s 42 hydrotherapy jets by yourself.

Moreover, just like all the hot tubs available at Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies, the Sojourn ensures the cleanest and clearest water with its 3 part water management system and optional mineral purification sanitizer.

This four-corner seating spa experience also comes with one jet therapy pillow as well as multi-colored LED lights. All in all, the Sojourn is a highly affordable high-performance hot tub that will meet all your at-home weekend spa needs.

4. Dream

With this affordable premium hot tub, you can step into your at-home spa dream and experience the best relaxation technology that California offers. With 5 – 6 seats and dimensions of 86” x 86” x 36”, the Dream hot tub can make for a highly relaxing weekend for your family and friends.

The Dream comes with 34 high-performance jets and a gorgeous adjustable waterfall to meet all your hydrotherapy needs. Moreover, its highly comfortable High-Performance Lounge and tactile foot therapy will make you feel like you’re on a much-deserved vacation right in your very own backyard.

5. Breeze

Offering up to open and comfortable seats for up to 7 people, the Breeze is a high-performance yet highly affordable hot tub with multi-level seating and a dome-free footwell with tactile therapy. The Breeze has dimensions of 83” x 83” x 36” and will act as the perfect weekend getaway for your entire crew in your own backyard.

This model is designed to provide a soothing hydrotherapy experience for your neck and shoulders, as well as your back and feet. With 35 high-performance and adjustable hydrotherapy jets and a six-inch adjustable waterfall, you and your close ones can spend the weekend shedding away all the stress you accumulated in your body over the week.

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When it comes to affordable hot tubs, California does it best. Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies have the experience to offer you the perfect hot tub for your at-home hydrotherapy needs. What’s more, all Sonoma hot tubs come with a premium 3 part water management system to ensure that the water in your hot tub is clean and clear.

With all these affordable yet high-performance hot tubs to choose from, Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies have proven themselves to be the best California hot tubs supplier. Check out their inventory today!