Top 5 Benefits of Buying a Hot Tub in Santa Rosa

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Santa Rosa Hot Tubs – The Perfect Way to Unwind!

Santa Rosa Hot Tubs are the perfect way to unwind after a long day. The bubbly, warm water also eases pains and aches from conditions like lower back pain and arthritis. It’s also a good excuse to invite friends and family over and enjoy time in your hot tub. The bottom line is that a high-quality Hot Tub in Santa Rosa can improve your life in more ways than one.

Here are 5 reasons why hot tubs are actually good for your health:

Relax in a Santa Rosa Hot Tub

A dip in the hot tub can instantly ease tensions after a long day at work. The massaging action and soothing effect of the warm water can provide a stress-relieving effect. Furthermore, research shows that warm water helps to balance our nervous system. This can lower our risk of cardiovascular disease and improve cognitive function as well as circulation. You can complement this further by combining soft music and aromatherapy.

Not bad for having a hot tub in Santa Rosa!

Increases Flexibility

Relaxing in a hot tub can helps take the load off your joints (literally), which not only improves your flexibility but also your overall range of motion. The buoyancy in a hot spa also relieves muscle tension, allowing both muscles and joints to relax.

It’s worth noting that the older we get, the more we tend to lose our range of motion. This may not happen overnight and depends on a number of factors such as genetics, injuries, level of activity, and preexisting medical conditions.

Regularly using your hot tub can restore some of your lost flexibility and reduce joint inflammation, which can bolster your mobility.

Arthritis Relief with Hot Tubs in Santa Rosa

This isn’t just a marketing gimmick – hydrotherapy has been shown to be a natural way of relieving pain and is utilized in some hospitals. Hot tubs can provide relief to individuals suffering from arthritis and ease the soreness in joints. Some people are now relying on hot tubs to bring them pain relief than using medications that can be addictive and have unwanted side effects.

Note that you can gain some of these benefits with a warm bath as well, but the effect is arguably more pronounced in a hot tub.

Although any medical decisions should be made in consultation with your doctor, spending time in a hot tub can greatly improve your quality of life.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Spending time in a hot tub in Santa Rosa can do wonders for your cardiovascular system. According to one study, passive heat therapy can improve vascular function that can reduce a person’s risk of cardiovascular attack, especially helpful if they have limited ability for exercise.

However, we do recommend talking with your doctor if you want to use a hot tub for this kind of therapy. Exposing your body to hot water might increase your heart rate. If you have a pre-existing heart condition, this could lead to abnormal heart rhythms and best to consult your physician.

If you’re a heart patient, you can still enjoy your hot tub, just make sure to spend short periods of time, stay hydrated, and make sure that the temperature is not too high.

Helps With Lower Back Pain

The buoyancy of the water and heat is great for your back pain. Water can reduce your body weight by as much as 80%, for a soothing sensation. The relief is instant, and after just a few minutes, blood circulation will improve while helping injured tissue heal up faster.

Here are a few tips to maximize the benefits of your session in a hot tub:

Stay Hydrated: It is essential to make sure you are hydrated while spending time in a hot tub. This is because any sort of heat or exercise could cause you to lose more water than you are taking in.

Reduce the Heat: Experts agree that 100F is a  safe temperature for most adults. A temperature higher than 104 may be unsafe, especially if you have a medical condition.

Check to See if It’s Clean: Hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance. If the water looks a bit dirty, don’t get in and call Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies. We have water maintenance programs, as well.

Find the Perfect Hot Tub That Works For You in Santa Rosa!

With Sonoma Hot Tubs & Pool Supplies providing hot tubs in Santa Rosa, you can get a variety of jets for a customized massage that not only increases your flexibility and mobility but also alleviates your back pain.

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