Salt Water Hot Tubs in Sonoma – World Class Natural Mineral Salts Alternative

Salt Water Hot Tubs for Sale

If you start to search for salt water hot tubs for sale, you’ll quickly learn that they can be far too expensive for immediate purchase. These tubs often have costly sanitation systems for managing steady supplies of chlorine. That said, you don’t have to give up hope to enjoy a home spa experience by using natural mineral salts and an affordable yet luxurious hot tub (provided that you don’t already have one). Thus, this article highlights what mineral salts are and what benefits they can provide to you when used in a hot tub as an excellent substitute for a salt water hot tub.

What Are Mineral Salts?

It’s also important to understand that mineral salts are not the same thing as bath salts. Bath salts can clog and damage the filters in your tub. However, mineral salts designed for hot tubs like the Skin Formula Hot Tub Mineral Salt Bag are safe for your hot tub lining, jets, and filters. Moreover, it’s also safe for the tub’s septic system and plumbing.

You can better understand what mineral salts are by learning about what they have to offer in terms of benefits.

Benefits of Using Mineral Salts in Your Hot Tub

Here are some benefits of using mineral salts in your hot tub.

Make Your Hot Tub Feel Like a Hot Spring

Using mineral salts for your hot tub will feel more natural and pleasant, similar to that of a hot spring.

The natural mineral salt water feels particularly soothing, especially with various hydrotherapy features. High-quality hot tubs from Sonoma Hot Tubs & Pool Supplies have a variety of hydrotherapy features that are designed to help relieve muscle pressure and help improve blood circulation, allowing users to feel rejuvenated after a long and tiring day or week.

Helps Soothe Your Skin

Another major benefit of using mineral salts for your hot tub is the soothing effect it has on your skin. The mineral salts, along with the natural warmth of the water, help relieve dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema. Some formulas also don’t contain bicarbonates to reduce any tingly sensation on sensitive skin, allowing for a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

Mineral Salts to Consider

If you’re looking for mineral salts for your hot tub, there are three great options to consider. Here’s an overview of each of them.

Each of the mineral salt bags is reasonably priced and can last for about three months with regular use and are a natural alternative to a salt water hot tub. That said, they do have some variations in their features. Take a look at some of them.

Joint Formula Hot Tub Mineral Salt Bag

It’s best to use these mineral salts when you’re experiencing joint pain. The relaxing effects of the salt and the jets of a great hot tub will help restore comfort in your body. This formula is based on the “Ring of Fire” hot springs in Japan and the Western United States, which are famous for helping relieve pain related to fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other age-related joint issues.

Skin Formula Hot Tub Mineral Salt Bag

As the name suggests, this particular salt bag is focused on rejuvenating your skin with every use for a soothing experience during the soak and after. These salts come from the Blue Lagoon of Iceland, which is renowned for its hot springs that help alleviate skin conditions. The formula also has free sulfur, so you won’t have to worry about any lingering bad odor after use.

Sport Formula Hot Tub Mineral Salt Bag

Has exercise been a little hard on your muscles lately? Well, you can help alleviate some pain and promote recovery with the Sport formula. These salts come from the hot springs (historically known as “Warrior Pools”) in Yellowstone through the Central and South Americas.

Last Few Words

Before you start to search for Salt Water Hot Tubs for Sale, you can simply use mineral salts in an existing hot tub to make your tub feel like a relaxing hot spring. That said, if you don’t have a hot tub, then take a look at the considerable inventory of premium hot tubs at Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies. Each hot tub includes some of the most in-demand hydrotherapy features, and our diverse range ensures that you’ll have more choices to find the perfect hot tub for your at-home hydrotherapy needs.