Round Wooden Tubs

Individually Handcrafted from the Very Best Materials

Our traditional round hot tubs are each individually crafted from nothing but the finest clear heart, vertical grain Western Red Cedar.

Quality workmanship, the finest materials, 1st class customer service and over 40 years of providing our customers with the very best hot tub experience possible.  This makes Sonoma Hot Tubs the smart choice for all your hot tub needs.

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Product Description

Traditional Round Hot Tubs

round_hottub11Our traditional round hot tubs are individually handcrafted from the world’s finest clear heart, vertical grain (WRC) Western Red Cedar, (AYC) Alaskan Yellow Cedar, (POC) Port Orford Cedar and Teak.

Handcrafted from full sawn clear, all heart vertical grain staves.   Every tub stave and bottom is 1-3\4″ net thickness or greater, making them considerably thicker then other wooden hot tubs on the market today.  The wood hot tub is simply the finest wood hot tubs anywhere in the world.

Benefits of the additional thickness include:

• Adding Years to the Usable Life-Span of Your Hot Tub
• Virtually Eliminates the Possibility of the Wood Warping in the Future
• Provides Up to Twice as Much Insulation Value as Thinner Tubs

bandsOur tubs are supported by 4 x 6 chine joists and held together by 1\2″ cold rolled steel bands.

Our steel bands are roll threaded at each end and come with a cast iron coupler, two stainless steel nuts and a unique polyethylene sheathing which protects the bands from rusting or gouging the wood.

The most popular type of wood for building quality hot tubs is Western Red Cedar.  Western Red Cedar looks great and smells wonderful, but the woods unique natural properties are what keeps hot tub manufacturers and customers coming back for more.

To learn more about the properties & characteristics of Western Red Cedar


The benches in our hot tubs are made from 2 x 12 clear, all heart, vertical grain western red cedar with a finished thickness of 1-1\2″ thick by 11-1\4″ wide.  Our “Full Circle” bench is comprised of 8 sections and is supported by 2′ x 4’s which are attached to the sides of the Bench-Close2tub.

No part of the Full Circle Bench touches the floor, thereby allowing your feet complete, unobstructed freedom.

Less than “full circle” benches can be installed for those wishing to have both sitting and standing areas.  Less than full circle benches come in variety of sizes and can be installed at various levels to allow for people of different heights. All of our benches come complete with stainless steel screws and hardware for fastening benches to the tub.

We pack and ship our tubs in a strategic “knocked down” fashion for easy shipping and easy installation. Our tubs can be installed in just about any location by following the complete step by step installation guide that comes with all of our hot tubs.  It’s totally comprehensive and the instructions make it easy for first-timers, intermediate or advanced DIY’s to understand.

The assembly process for a wood hot tub can take as little as an hour or two for an experienced “Do-it-Yourselfer”.  If you are adding plumbing and equipment for heating, filtering and sanitizing the overall assembly process will take more time depending on your level of experience.

We keep some of the most popular sized round tubs in stock, along with a limited selection of the smaller two person western red cedar oval tubs. The most popular western red cedar round tubs are 4′ tall by 5′-6′ in diameter, but we also offer standard pricing on 3′-5′ tall tubs and complete tub packages as well.

If you’re interested in something other than our standard sizes and shapes, then you’ve come to the right place. We have been building quality wooden hot tubs since 1976 and most of our tubs are made to order and customized to our customers specifications.

With almost 40 years of experience, we’ve built just about every size and shape of tub imaginable and it’s not unheard of for us to make tubs as small as 3′ or as large as 12′ in diameter with depths ranging from 2′ – 5′.

Some hot tub manufacturers avoid special orders, but your special orders are more than welcome.

Our wide selection of standard tubs and complete standard tub packages, our special order expertise of building custom made to order hot tubs  in just about every size and shape imaginable and almost 40 years of providing customers with the very best hot tub buying and servicing experience possible makes us the smart choice for all your hot tub needs.