Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect 67.7 oz NAT-50-908

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Your spa/hot tub water is constantly absorbing organic material from its environment. Spas/ hot tubs make this problem worse due to the smaller body of water and much higher water temperatures.

Organic material: Body oils, sweat, (urine… bleach!) cosmetics and hair care products suntan and sunscreen lotions soaps and deodorant scented spa oil products

This is where Spa Perfect enzymes shine. Natural enzymes, like those found in your own body, are designed by nature to break down or biodegrade organics.

The enzymes in Spa Perfect literally break down organic waste to basic elements like carbon dioxide and water, that are then easily absorbed by the spa/hot tub environment.

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1 review for Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect 67.7 oz NAT-50-908

  1. Mike

    This a simple product to use for either bromine or chlorine users. It softens the water and keeps it clearer looking.

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