Local vs Online

Before you Come

  1. Measure the area you want to put the new hot tub. You want to make sure that the tub you find is going to fit in the location you picked out.
  2. Measure your access path. Tubs are delivered standing on their sides. The delivery crew will need 30”-40” of clearance between gate posts, and the house and: fences, fireplaces, A/C units, etc. to get your tub where you want it.
  3. There’s lots to look at, so bring everyone who is going to decide on model, colors, and options.
  4. Take pictures to show us what your area looks like. This helps our staff to see what you want to do and where you want to put your hot tub.
  5. Take picture of your main electrical panel, open. We want to make sure that your panel has room to accept the needed breaker to power your new hot tub.
  6. If you have a tub worth trading in, take pictures of the outside cabinet and interior finish. This will help us get a better idea of what to offer you for it.


  1. Longer warranties: 3 – 5 years vs 1 – 2 online or show
  2. Quick repair turn around times: 1 week vs up to several months online or show
  3. Local service: fast turn around, keep tax dollars in your community, keeps local economy healthy
  4. Professional knowledge: Expertise with proper installation, connections to contractors, delivery crew, after sale support, parts and water service
  5. Equipment differences: Better quality water management systems – 24 hour filtration / ozone, bigger filters, quiet / energy efficient pumps, cleaner water, less chemicals vs loud big 2 speed jet pumps, no 24 hour filtration, dirtier water due to smaller filters and less filtration, more energy usage, more chemicals needed to keep clean for online models
  6. Drain them every 6 -12 months vs 3 – 4 months and with online or show tubs
  7. More functionality of the controls for variable filtering and heating cycles = better user experience and lower energy bill vs online
  8. Quieter and more energy efficient to operate
  9. Better construction materials: 2 x 4 construction w/truss plates and sealed ABS pan bottoms vs 2 x 3 stapled wood and open bottoms for rodents to nest in
  10. Lower total cost of ownership: Average life span 10-18 years vs 4 – 8 years online
  11. Back yard delivery included and free fill up/orientation vs driveway drop and go (extra charge for backyard)
  12. Accountability: You know you will get your product and in a timely manner. Look at the BBB, Reviews: Yelp, Google+, Facebook
  13. Chemicals included w/full set of instructions vs you going to the local store and having to purchase everything and if you don’t go to a hot tub store, you hope are sold the right chemicals otherwise the wrong chemicals will destroy your tub and void your warranty
  14. Better buying experience: At the end of the whole experience you end up saving so much time, headaches, frustration and money when you buy local vs online or at show.