How to Choose the Best Hot Tub in California

Best Hot Tubs in California

Picture this. California fall is on its way, and you need a way to relax during your time off without having to leave your home. If this is something you relate to as a resident of California, a hot tub is the product  you need to look into. Thankfully, when it comes to hot tubs, California is home to one of the best hot tub suppliers in the country, Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies.

Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies offer services in water treatment therapy and personalized at-home luxury. However, it is crucial to make sure you choose the right hot tub and the best hot tub for your needs that California has to offer.

This article will guide you on choosing the best hot tub for your at-home personal luxury needs. Whether you are looking to use your hot tub to wind down on your own, with your significant other, or with family and friends, Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies has a hot tub that is just right for you.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hot tub. If you take care to understand each of these factors, you will be sure to select the best hot tub from Sonoma’s inventory and begin your life of personalized luxury right in your own home. So let’s get into it!

Hot Tub Size and Dimensions

Hot tubs can come in an extensive range of sizes, from two-seater to seven-seater hot tubs. Moreover, Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies inventory has hot tubs of all sizes and dimensions for you to choose from.

Suppose you are a solo hot tub enthusiast or would like to purchase a hot tub to enjoy a relaxing weekend of luxury with your significant other. In that case, a hot tub size of 83” x 66” x 30” is perfect for your needs. On the other hand, if you would like to purchase a hot tub to enjoy some personalized hydrotherapy with family and friends, a hot tub size of around 120” x 90” x 40” is perfect.

California Hydrotherapy

Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies specialize in hydrotherapy, a form of water-based massage therapy using jets. At Sonoma, you will find all kinds of different hot tub options with various hydrotherapy capabilities. While some have a few jets, others have many.

Moreover, hydrotherapy jets are placed in different areas in different hot tubs. Some have jets placed at the shoulder and neck areas, while others are placed at the lower back and legs area. Depending on your hydrotherapy needs and where in your body you tend to carry the most stress, you can choose a hot tub that has the hydrotherapy capabilities that suit your needs best.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

At Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies, you will find both simple and affordable hot tubs as well as executive, premium, and luxury hot tubs. The cost of a hot tub usually depends on a few factors such as size, hydrotherapy capabilities, comfort level, and the extent of any added amenities.

Hot tubs in Sonoma range from $7000 for medium-sized 5-seater hot tubs with few added features to $17,000 for larger, executive hot tubs with many added features. With many different hot tubs across this extensive price range, you will be sure to find the best hot tub within your budget at Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Through regular use, over time, your hot tub will require proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure that you can continue enjoying your personalized luxury for many years to come. When purchasing a hot


tub that suits your needs and is within your budget, make sure that you ask your hot tub supplier what the maintenance needs of the hot tub are.

A hot tub placed in the outdoors can become subjected to the elements of sun, dust, wind, and moisture. These can have adverse effects on your hot tub over time. Therefore, choosing the best hot tub for your needs also means choosing a hot tub that you can commit to maintaining over the years, both financially and in terms of time and effort.

Hot Tub Accessories

Many hot tubs come with added features that may not be necessary but certainly add to the experience of personalized hydrotherapy. This can include tactile foot therapy, multi-colored LED lights, a Bluetooth speaker, and more.

Sonoma Hot Tub and Pool Supplies have a whole range of hot tubs with such added accessories. Therefore, if you would like to take your personalized hydrotherapy to the next level of luxury, you can purchase one of Sonoma’s hot tubs with added amenities to make your hot tub experience the best it can be for you.

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