Best 6 Person Hot Tub in Napa Valley

Like most other luxuries in life, if you want a hot tub to fulfill your at-home hydrotherapy needs, you probably won’t be able to sit still until you get one. If you are looking for a six-person hot tub in Napa Valley in which to host your friends, family, and loved ones for a backyard vacation, look no further. Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies has got you covered.

Although premium hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes, 6 person hot tubs are some of the most in-demand at-home spas due to their compact and accommodating size. This article will introduce you to some of the best 6 person hot tubs in Napa Valley that you can find at Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies. So, let’s get into it!

1. Meridian

The Meridian is one of Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies’ most high-end and in-demand 6 person hot tubs. With dimensions of 92” x 92” x 36”, the Meridian boasts the best hydrotherapy performance within its class of hot tubs, owing to its premium features. These features include the 45 high-performance jets that are designed with head-to-toe relaxation in mind, as well as the powerful whirlpool jet that will put your mind and your body at ease like nothing else you have ever experienced.

The Meridian is a 6 person Napa Valley hot tub that boasts backyard entertainment at its very finest. What’s more, the Meridian comes with 2 patented Flex Therapy pillows that can be adjusted to provide a high-quality head, neck, and shoulders massage. Along with this, the standard tactile therapy in the footwell allows for a relaxing way to stretch your legs, something you can only really do in a 6 person hot tub or larger.

For an even more entertaining backyard hydrotherapy session, you can choose the option of getting multi-colored LED mood lights for your Meridian hot tub. This, along with the optional Bluetooth speaker, will make for a backyard hydrotherapy entertainment session that your guests won’t forget for a long time. In fact, it will only have them coming over to your place for more.

2. Nautilus

If you are looking for a 6 person hot tub in Napa Valley that is as beautiful as functional, the Nautilus is probably perfect for you. This hot tub comes in at dimensions of 92” x 92” x 36” and is fully equipped with all the features that put Dimension One Hot Tubs above all the rest.

Featuring two patented Flex Therapy pillows that can be adjusted to provide high-quality head, neck, and shoulder massages, as well as a central foot dome with a powerful typhoon jet to ease your aching feet, the Nautilus is a 6 person hot tub designed with versatile head-to-toe hydrotherapy capabilities in mind.

And that’s not all. The Nautilus features high-performance back therapy seating that will loosen even the most worn-out muscles, such that once you get in, you won’t want to get back out. This will be even more evident after welcoming your friends and family to enjoy the 40 high-performance hydrotherapy jets and the SmartHub touch screen that gives you control over every adjustable aspect of your hot tub.

3. Diplomat

The Diplomat is a 6 person hot tub that provides luxury without compromise. With dimensions of 92” x 92” x 36”, the Diplomat is a large 6 seater hot tub with 45 high-performance hydrotherapy jets and two UltraLounge spa-within-a-spa massage seats that deliver whole-body hydrotherapy with a one-of-a-kind head-to-toe massage experience. Moreover, with him and her seating in the Diplomat, you won’t ever have to argue over the best seat in the house because the Diplomat has two.

This hot tub for 6 people comes with 3 patented Flex Therapy massage pillows for those aching head, neck, and shoulder muscles. Moreover, standard tactile therapy in the footwell, 1 central typhoon jet, and 1 whirlpool jet combine to make for a luxurious means to relax both your mind and body.

That’s not all. The Diplomat features Dimension One’s famous Smart Hub touchscreen control so that you can control every adjustable aspect of your 6 person hot tub with just the push of a button or two. This, along with an Aux connection for your music, makes the Diplomat a hot tub that simply does not compromise on luxury, meaning that your backyard hydrotherapy entertainment sessions will make all the people you know envious of the life of luxury you lead.

Final Words

If you are looking for a 6 person hot tub in Napa Valley, look no further than Sonoma Hot Tubs and Pool Supplies. Not only do they have a large and diverse inventory of premium hot tubs to choose from, but each of their hot tubs is also unique in its own right.