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Ozone (O3)




O3 is comprised of three molecules of Oxygen. O2 is the oxygen we breathe. The third Oxygen molecule weakly bonds to the 02 as illustrated below by the gray lines (2 bonds vs 1 bond).

Ozone is a very powerful oxidizer. An Oxidizer is a substance that has the ability to oxidize other substances (cause them to lose electrons). The loss of electrons destroys organisms. It’s for this reason that the pool and spa industry uses this technology for water treatment. It can cut down on the amount of sanitizer and oxidizer you need to add to the water to destroy harmful water borne bacteria as well help break down oils, lotions, cosmetics, deodorants, and detergents that can be introduced by bathers.

Benefits of Ozone
• Natural ozone is a form of oxygen and is the most powerful spa sanitizer available.
• Ozone is automatically produced any time the pump is running to filter the water.
• Ozone has no effect on pH levels.
• Ozone reduces the need for harsh chemicals (such as chlorine and bromine) by 60 – 90%.
• Ozone kills up to 99.99% of dangerous microbial agents like bacteria and viruses on contact.
• Ozone oxidizes the widest range of organic materials, including all human fluids, of any spa sanitizer.
• No byproducts or chloromines produced.
How it works

Ozone essentially penetrates the bacterial cell membrane many times over causing the cell wall to fall apart and die.
1. Bacteria cell. 2. Ozone in green contacting the outer wall of the cell. 3. Ozone destroying the outer cell wall. 4. The Ozone penetrating through the cell wall. 5. Continued effect of many Ozone molecules on the cell. 6. The destruction of the cell itself.







Proper design

Ozone’s effectiveness and benefits are greatly determined in part by a few factors.
First off, ozone has a very short lifespan. Ozone’s killing benefit is gone in minutes. The ozone gas must be mixed into the water by using a pump and suction device called a Mazzei Injector.





The flow rate of the pump, length of plumbing and duration of pump/ozone time are all very important in creating an effective ozone system. The most productive ozone systems are setup to run 24 hours a day.
To keep energy costs down for you, the best hot tub manufacturers use very small energy efficient circulation pumps that consume less than a 100-watt light bulb with low flow rates and longer internal plumbing to maximize the ozone and water contact time before it reenters the hot tub bather water.
Once the ozone is in the bather water it is basically worthless at killing bacteria. And this is the problem with most hot tub manufacturer’s ozone systems. They inject the ozone into the bather water and tell you that your tub has ozone. They don’t take the time to design effective hydraulic systems to give you the true benefits of using ozone.
Just to say you have ozone does not mean you have a very good water treatment system. Poor ozone systems cause you to use much more chemicals that dry your skin and make it itch, drive up the cost of supplies needed to properly maintain healthy water ,bleach your bathing suits and can cause irritation to mucous membranes. It takes proper testing and engineering skill to create a powerful and effective ozone system.

Where to get the best system

The engineers at Dimension One Spas have figured this out better than anyone else in the hot tub industry. They have even been awarded a patent for it. You cannot find a better hot tub water management system for yourself then D1 Spas. Learn more by clicking here.