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19230 Sonoma Highway,
(Mon.-Sat. 10-5. Sun. by appt.)

4970 Sonoma Highway,
Santa Rosa
(Tues.-Sat. 10-5. Sun. by appt.)

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Pricing starting at $439.00 (includes delivery and removal)
Virgin 1# Foam Cores

  • 28 oz marine grade vinyl has -10 degree cold crack, 500 hour uv stabilized pigments, 1500 weatherometer and mildew resistant.
  • Four year limited warranty
  • Complies with ASTM F1346-91 safety standard.
  •  Superior heat sealed 4mil LDPE wrap, and greater craftsmanship create a tighter seal, resulting in a drier core.
  •  Double stitched and padded handle add greater strength and a more ergonomic feel. This along with extra reinforcement on handle backing ensures that our handles will outlast any other on the market.
  • Our cover design fully encloses the spa hinge area.
  • Heavy galvanized C-Channel supports extend to nearly the end of the core, giving the cover a greater support structure.


Pricing starting at $735.00 (includes delivery and removal)
Virgin 2# Foam Cores

  •  Marine-grade Sunbrella fabric with outstanding performance against stains, weather, and wear
  •  5 year limited warranty
  •  Full length steam stopper for energy efficiency included
  •  Reinforced handles and fastener straps add durability
  •  Heavy galvanized C channel for strength
  •  Double wrapped heat sealed virgin foam cores are longer lasting with less absorption included
  •  Complies with safety standard for your protection
  •  UV resistant and color matched thread will help the cover last longer

Dimension One Spa Vinyl Covers

Starting at $439.00 (includes delivery and removal)

  • 1.5# foam cores
  • 28 oz. marine grade vinyl: black, walnut, mayan brown, tan, gray,
  • Steam stopper standard
  • 2 year warranty

Dimension One Spa Ultralast marine grade fabric Covers

Starting at $529.00 (includes delivery and removal)

  • 1.5# foam cores
  • 28 oz. marine grade fabric (similar to Sunbrella brand) Black, Brown, Gray
  • Steam stopper standard
  • 3 year warranty

Rolling Swim Spa Cover

Starting at $3,095.00 (includes delivery and removal)

  • ASTM F 1346-91 certified
  • UV protected GORE  TENARA thread
  • CEC Compliant Energy Efficiency:  One Piece Cover “Locks in the Heat”.
  • “Custom Made” All Weather / All Season E2E Cover with 5 Year Warranty.
  • Quick and Easy Access to the Swim Spa by a Single User.
27 BF 84.568 8?R Russet New
24 BF 131 Russet Like New
3 BF 2511451 Sienna New
6 BF R5L Sienna New
4 BF R6L Sienna New
5 BF R6L Sienna New
30 CW St Andrews 8484 Walnut Damaged/Punctured Foam Underside
13 CW XS76R 7784 Walnut New
14 D1 ? Home/Reflections 9292 Brown Vinyl New w/heat shield
22 D1 AFS Sport 90192 45R Gray Like New
36 D1 Aurora 8383 Walnut Slightly Used-not for sale
8 D1 Aurora/Nautique 8484 Gray Ultralast 6? rip on underside (Sorenson cover)
10 D1 Aurora/Nautique 8484 Gray Slightly dirtyneeds to be cleaned
17 D1 Aurora/Nautique 8484 Ultra Gray Not in box
19 D1 Aurora/Nautique 8383 Black New
21 D1 Aurora/Nautique 8484 Ultra Black New Floor Model
23 D1 Aurora/Nautique 8484 Black Like New
25 D1 Aurora/Nautique 8484 Ultra Gray New not in box
1 D1 Cove 7784 Palomino New
15 D1 Dream/Brz/Way/Soj 8383 Tan New
9 D1 Journey 78R Mayan Brown
12 D1 Journey 78R Black Ultralast New
34 D1 Lotus Bay 9292 Pacific New
18 D1 Meridian/Latitude 9292 Brown Vinyl Not in, Like new
33 D1 Nautilus/Dipl/Chr/CA 9292 Ultra Gray Floor Model
37 D1 Nautilus/Dipl/Chr/CA Blue Used, Okay Condition
16 D1 Serenade 8366 Tan
2 D1 Seville 8478 16?R Ash New
7 D1 Seville 8478 16?R Palomino New
11 D1 Sojourn/Way/Brz/Drm 8383 Gray New
20 D1 Sojourn/Way/Brz/Drm 8383 Gray New