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The Many Benefits of Clearwater Spas

Comforting, pain eliminating hydrotherapy that’s environmentally conscious? Yes! Clearwater Spas has been in the business of manufacturing green spas since 1976. They have established a name for themselves as an environmentally aware company who is constantly evolving and innovating new technologies. Their design lines include a wide variety of super energy efficient, sleek models that are ready to be installed quickly and easily. In fact, the ‘e’ in ‘e-smart technology’ symbol stands for energy efficiencies, engineering, efficient recycling and environment. With a Clearwater Spa, there’s no fuss, no hassles and no guilt.

Every model of Clearwater Spas is comprised of R-20 value reflective thermal barrier insulation and is not produced using fiberglass, resin, or other harmful substances.  With smart engineering and high quality materials, their in-house designed spas are affordable to purchase, maintain and operate.

Energy is conserved by these specially created spas by harnessing heat that is a natural by-product of running the spa’s pump motors. Cooler outside air is blocked while inside heat is retained, resulting in a well heated, efficient spa. Comparative studies prove Clearwater Spas RTB Insulation to be to be 12% more energy efficient than foam filled spas.

All models come complete with an insulated Dura Floor and Hard Cover to trap in heat and conserve energy. In fact, Clearwater Spas are among the planet’s most energy efficient, with only about 140 kWh of energy used, or about $10 worth of electricity, to operate the tub monthly.

Whether you’re searching for an elegant, powerful spa that makes an impression or you just want a hot tub that will give you a great massage and pain relief, Clearwater Spas can provide what you need. Choose between the XS, Beachcraft or Resort Series Spas for the best combination of power, efficiency and seating arrangements.

To learn more about Clearwater Spas and Hot Tubs, contact at (707) 781-9440. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for news, tips, discounts and giveaways!

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