There are many pad options available for your hot tub. Please read our Pre Delivery guidelines on our Services Page for details. Below are installation images of projects done in the Bay Area. You can see the great variety of pad installations that can be done—both aesthetically and in relation to your home’s style. We can either refer contractors to you to assist you with your project or we can work directly with your contractors to get the job done. Detailed line drawings are available for your use.

Hot Tubs Spas Sales San Rafael and other fine Marin towns

We serve all of the North Bay, South Bay and northern California. Hot tub spa sales for San Rafael are now an integral part of our turn-key purchasing and installation service—alongside of our service to the North Bay counties, the South Bay and northern California. San Rafael hot tub spa buyers—check out our specials and take advantage of great prices to get your hot tub now, in time for the spring and summer seasons.

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Standard hot tub pad: 4 inches thick, rebar reinforced.

Swim spa pads: 6 inches thick, rebar reinforced.


Only use 3/4 inch crushed blue shale / road base material. This drain rock material is composed of 3/4” size rock all the way down to the fine sand dust size. So this material compacts very well and still provides drainage.

Boarder the rock with pressure treated or redwood 2 x 4’s. Larger boards if you have a slope. Reinforce the inside or outside corners with stainless steel or galvanized steel right angle brackets so the boards don’t blow out. You can also use wood stakes or metal foundation stakes on the outside side of the boards (2 per side).

Compact and water in multiple layers. Screed the top layer so the material is level, not necessarily the frame boards.




Pressure treated or Redwood are the best choices for materials to use for outdoor long term use. 16 inch on center spacing for the joists.