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Maximize Your Hot Tub Experience with New Parts and Supplies Plus Scheduled Maintenance

If you invest in a luxurious custom hot tub or spa, naturally you want to ensure you’re getting the most from each and every use.

Since a hot tub is a great long-term investment, it’s important to regularly care for and maintain it, so you’re never stuck in a situation where you’re looking forward to a long and soothing soak, only to realize something isn’t working properly. Luckily, hot tubs are much easier to maintain than a pool, so you’ll have to dedicate very little time to ensuring you’re maximizing your experience.

Always Have Water Care Supplies On-Hand

As we mentioned, you never want to have your heart set on a dip in your hot tub, only to realize it’s out of the question, so keep your necessary maintenance supplies stocked up at all times. You should have enough to last an entire season, at any given time, so you’re never facing an emergency shortage.

You can wait until there’s a sale on hot tub supplies, and buy in bulk, as long as you have adequate storage space, which brings us to our next point…

Store Supplies Properly

In addition to always having enough maintenance supplies, you should also be sure to store them correctly.

Hot tub chemicals and supplies can be damaged by temperatures that are either too hot or too cold. For example, bottles of liquid can freeze and become unusable if they’re stored in an environment that’s too cold, and test strips can become damaged if they’re exposed to too much heat. Choose a storage location that maintains a temperature no colder than 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and no hotter than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should also store supplies in a location that’s away from direct sunlight and moisture. You may consider using an air-tight bin that will protect materials from both situations.

Keep Up The Care

Spring is approaching, but during those frosty winter months it may be easy to fall behind on hot tub maintenance, yet it’s so important to do the necessary steps, even if the weather isn’t necessarily ideal. The water chemistry should always be balanced, even if your hot tub isn’t getting a ton of use, and sanitizer levels should be checked regularly.

As well as the water chemistry, keep a close eye on the water level, otherwise you could see damage to your jets, pumps, heaters, seals, and gaskets of the hot tub.

Clean Filters

The primary reason most hot tubs require service is due to dirty filters—so keep them clean! Simply use a high-quality filter cleaner and a degreaser agent, and you’ll extend the lifespan of your filter(s), and get the most efficiency.

If you have filters that are more than a couple of years old, go ahead and replace them. If you don’t, not only are you lowering efficiency, but you may also find yourself having to make other repairs that are much more expensive.

Keeping extra clean filters on hand is a great way to increase the life of your filters and your equipment. Switch  out monthly or quarterly. Soak the dirty filter(s) in a cleaning solution overnight, spray off and store in a clean dry area until you are ready to swap them out.

Spa Surroundings

It’s not just the relaxing water that’s great for creating the best possible spa experience—make sure the area surrounding your tub looks beautiful and serene. Take some time this spring to landscape or clean up the area that surrounds your spa or hot tub, so you have something nice to look at while you’re enjoying the full-body immersion.

If you need new hot tub maintenance supplies, contact California Custom Hot Tubs or call (707) 781-9440. We have a full selection of the top brands to help guarantee you’re getting the most enjoyment from your hot tub or spa. We can also help you find your ideal custom hot tub or spa, just in time for spring.

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