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Backyard swim spa installation.

How to Lose Weight and be Healthy with a Swim Spa

Backyard swim spa installation.Are you looking for a new approach to exercise and healthy living?

A swim spa might be the solution for you. This hot tub and swimming pool crossover offers you a place to relax, exercise, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle – all from the comfort of your own backyard or personal spa center. Regular water-based exercise can help you burn calories and strengthen your muscles, all while in a safe and controlled environment. Read on to learn more about how you can lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle with a swim spa.

What is a Swim Spa, Exactly?

A swim spa is essentially a swimming pool and hot tub hybrid. These modern systems offer both a seating area and an open-concept tank area. The seating area is where the hot tub features shine, providing you with a place to kick back and relax, while the powerful jets work wonders against the most stress-prone areas of your body.

The open-concept tank area, on the other hand, is where the exercise will take place. A high-powered jetting system provides you with enough resistance to walk, jog, or swim against. Most swim spas will also offer the attachments for rowing equipment, resistance bands, and other water-based fitness equipment.

The Benefits of Swim Spa Exercise

Swim spas are popularly used to exercise for a variety of reasons.


When you try to move in the water you might notice that you’re slower and more limited than usual. This is because the water surrounding you has a higher density than oxygen, which can add resistance to your movements. This resistance gives your body something to work against during a workout, helping you burn more calories and lose weight.

Decreased Impact

The impact of contact with the floor during a regular workout can often take a toll on your body. The shock from your feet hitting the ground is often absorbed by your legs and knees, which can lead to shin splints, sores or blisters, cramping, and other muscle and joint issues. The water in a swim spa provides a cushion for your legs, slowing you down and helping eliminate the impact of your feet hitting the floor.

Relaxing Workout

There’s no doubt about it, sitting in a swim spa is utterly relaxing. This same relaxing environment can make for a much more comfortable workout. Forget feeling sticky, sweaty, or overheated during a workout. In a swim spa, the refreshing water will keep you feeling rejuvenated until the very end, and long after you exit the water, too.

Range of Motion

The soothing temperature of the water can really help to warm up your muscles. Not only that, but the buoyancy of the water can help support your body as you engage in a variety of different exercises. Many of which, you might not be able to perform on dry land.

This therapeutic workout can help improve your range of motion inside the water, as well as in your daily life. Regular exercise can help stretch your body and strengthen your muscles, helping you engage in a wider variety of everyday activities and live a healthier lifestyle.

Low-Impact Exercises

There are many low-impact exercises that can be performed in the swim spa, including:

  • Flutter kicks
  • Tricep dips
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Torso twists
  • Calf raises
  • Lunges
  • Rowing
  • Swimming
  • Jogging or walking
  • Squats
  • Reverse crunches

You can even add some yoga to your fitness regimen to spice things up! Which exercises will you add to your water workout?

Swim Spas for Sale

Our experts at California Custom Hot Tubs are advocates of water-based exercises and overall healthy living. Although, we do recommend that you speak with a physician before starting any new fitness regimen. They can work with you to create a weight management plan that is right for you.

If you’re thinking of adding a Dimension One Spas AquaFIT Swim Spa to your home, get in touch with us today! Our team of spa and backyard leisure specialists can help you explore your options and ultimately find a solution that works for you.