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How to Make a Hot Tub

Thermal forming the Acrylic shell and robot method

Watch the YouTube video here. Go forward to minute/second 3:07.

Bullfrog Spas Design
  • How does Bullfrog do this? JETPAKS (interchangeable & removable back jet massagers that sit in the water).
  • 90% less plumbing. LESS PLUMBING = MORE POWERFUL JETS
  • LESS HOLES drilled in shell = STRONGER shell
  • Far fewer glue joints = less chances of a leak
  • No diverter valves. ALL jets work at the same time.
  • Customize your massage experience and put the JetPaks in the seats you love most. (deep tissue, soft/soothing, kneading, firm pressure).
  • 23 JetPaks in all.
  • Direct heat transfer into water
  • SAVES more money on your ELECTRICAL bill
  • Easy to service. FAR LESS MONEY TO REPAIR
A & R Series

Sport X Series

Next is the Base & Structure

  • 100% wood free construction (NO rotting)
  • Precision injection molded plastic base and supports (greatly helps to prevent cracks and lasts much longer)
  • 100% accurate, 100% of the time
  • No expansion or contraction issues
  • Rodent resistant, thick ABS base (no animal nesting = no plumbing or electrical damage)
  • Built in electrical chase ways in base (easy installation)
  • Support columns under each seat / foot well (no flexing, no cracks)
Bullfrog Spas Insulation Step
  • Bullfrog uses R-45 insulation to help achieve the lowest energy usage in the industry according to the CEC (California Energy Commission)
  • 90% less plumbing with JetPak technology means that only a small percentage of the plumbing is sealed in the insulation
Traditional fiberglass support method

Watch the YouTube video here. Go forward to minute/second 5:50.

ALL Other Brands of Spas

ALL other hot tubs are designed like the picture above and this caused expensive repairs and shortness of spa ownership.

90% MORE plumbing(all in the foamed in cabinet) causing excess friction, less powerful massage, less energy efficient

  • Each jet has to have a hole drilled through the shell. Then sealed on both sides to prevent leaks. All these holes can structurally weaken the shell and cause cracks and leaks.
  • Each jet has 5 potential points for a plumbing leak(jet to shell, 2 plumbing to jet body, plumbing to manifold)
  • Jets cannot be moved into other seats or locations
  • Diverter valves added. Cuts off water to whole seats
  • ALL plumbing is sealed in foam (see video below)
  • VERY DIFFICULT to find a LEAK so it’s very EXPENSIVE to repair
  • All the plumbing directly HEATS the CABINET instead of the water
Traditional Built Hot Tubs

(Upside down view)

  • Wood 2×2, 2×3 or 2×4 construction (hand cut with chop saw, stapled together)
  • Wood expands and contracts (causes cracked shells)
  • Wood pieces are not cut to accurate lengths all the time, causing structural weaknesses.
  • Wood touches the ground and rots out over time. Weakens the frame and causes the shell to crack and water to leak out
  • No ABS base= rodent infestation, damaged plumbing/electrical, water intrusion & rot
Traditional Spray in Insulation Process

Watch the video.

  • This design ends up costing you much more in repairs and eventually forces you to have to buy a new hot tub in HALF the time than if you would have purchased a properly designed spa like a Bullfrog Spa.

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