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Learn the Many Hot Tub Health Benefits and Why a Home Spa is Such a Worthwhile Investment

Maybe you’ve always imagined having a luxurious hot tub, but did you also realize hot tubs can have a tremendous impact on your health, as well as your overall quality of life?

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, have been utilizing warm water therapies for a variety of ailments, and modern medical studies have shown this to be an effective treatment for a number of common health issues.


With the population of the world aging at more rapidly than in the past, arthritis has become a significant health concern.
The Arthritis Foundation reports that regular use of a hot tub or spa has the ability to help people with arthritis by improving mobility and flexibility, and preventing further joint damage from occurring.

The reason for this is because the warm water and buoyancy alleviates some of the stress on the joints and the body as a whole.

Sleep Problems

Countless people are impacted by sleep issues, including chronic insomnia. The reason for the prevalence of these problems is widely believed to be due, at least in part, to the external stressors we all experience on a daily basis, including the use of electronics, hectic work lives and an overall fast-paced lifestyle.

Long-term sleep problems lead to a number of other health issues, including fatigue and even depression.
Hot tubs and spas have been shown to help people sleep more easily and deeply, because of a shift in body temperature, and the relaxation-inducing abilities of warm or hot water.


Medical research has shown hot tubs and spas to be a way to help people with diabetes enjoy lower blood sugar levels and improved sleep patterns.
The effects are believed to be even more beneficial for people with diabetes who are physically unable to exercise, although it’s important to note that anyone with diabetes should consult with their medical practitioner before using a hot tub.

Back Pain and Injuries

There are countless reasons people suffer from back pain, including injuries that may be temporary, or lead to chronic pain.
Many people with back pain find every aspect of their life is affected, including their ability to work and spend time with their family. Because of this, many of these back pain sufferers turn to prescription medication, with can lead to unwanted side effects and dependence.

An alternative treatment is to use a spa or hot tub. The combination of hot water and jets is a great way to alleviate pain and improve overall mobility, which can significantly improve one’s quality of life.

Additional Benefits

As well as the health concerns above, hot tubs and spas can create a general sense of relaxation, and lowering stress and promoting relaxation can improve every aspect of your life, from your emotional state of well-being, your marriage or relationship, as well as your cardiovascular health.

It’s also a great way to relax after a workout, and soothe tired muscles, to help speed your recovery time and reduce the risk of injuries.

If you have any medical condition you feel could benefit from the use of a quality hot tub or spa, first contact your medical professional about the best course of action, and then call CCHTS at (707) 781-9440 for advice on what hot tub or spa product will work best for your specific needs.

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