Our hot tub spa sales for Sea Ranch, Lake Tahoe, Fountain Grove, Mendocino now add to our full service to the North Bay counties of Marin, Sonoma and Napa, and the South Bay. Hot tub spa buyers in Lake Tahoe, Mendocino, Fountain Grove, Sea Ranch can now receive the same purchase to installation service we offer in the Bay Area. Check out our specials and take advantage of great prices to get your hot tub now, in time for the spring and summer seasons.

There are many options available for your hot tub to sit on or in. Refer to our Pre Delivery guidelines for details.


Keep in mind that ALL portable hot tubs house their equipment inside the tub. Almost all hot tub equipment can be found under the topside display. It is also the area with the highest seat / step for getting into and out of a tub. SO if you are going to butt up the tubs equipment side to the deck, you must create a way for an electrician to wire the tub and for a technician to be able to access equipment to be able to replace something down the road. ALL warranties are written the same way regarding access. It is the home owner’s responsibility to create enough access for a service technician to be able to work on your tub. So design it properly up front, so you aren’t faced with a potentially expensive deck modification solution later.


Below are some pictures of installations we did around the Bay Area. This will give you some ideas on what you may want to do with your installation. We can either refer contractors directly to you to help you with your project or we can work directly with your contractors to get the job done. We have detailed line drawing to assist you if needed.

» click image to enlarge images of decks with our turn-key purchase and installation service