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Benefit of Salt Water System for Spas

Salt, or Sodium Chloride, is one of the most common elements on our planet, and people have been enjoying the benefits of sea-salt and mineral salt baths for hundreds of years. Certain concentrations of mineral salts has been used therapeutically to help detoxify and strengthen a person’s immune system. Salt water purification systems have been utilized by pool owners for many years and have proven to be an effective alternative to harsh chemical treatments. Technological advancements have allowed for these salt water systems to be an option in today’s spas and hot tubs as well.

With tremendous improvements to Salt Water Systems, Marin County residents have chosen this eco-friendly, low maintenance alternative to traditional chemical treated pools and spas. The salt is not just used as a substitute for pouring chlorine chemicals in your pool, it too, acts as a natural chemical purification water treatment. All pools and spas need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. If the water is not treated properly, it may become contaminated with bacteria, leading to an unsafe swimming environment. Salt levels in a pool act as a constant convertible chlorine element that helps kill germs and prevent contaminants from growing. This system works well and is prevalent in many of the Hot Tubs Napa County residents own.


A salt system works by producing low amounts of pure natural chlorine by a produces called electrolysis. A specially designed electrolysis cell allows dissolved table salt to pass through the cells plates and chemically converts the table salt to chlorine that is just enough to regularly treat your spa water. The beauty of this system is that it recycles itself and is automatic! Once the chlorine is used up in the electrolysis process, it reverts back into salt and the process starts all over again.


One of the main benefits most people notice about salt water pools and spas is the smooth feel of the water on their skin. Many of the side effects associated with chemically treated pools are eliminated, including dry, chapped skin, eye irritation, and stiff, dried out hair. Salt water systems produce far lower chlorine levels and produce less chloramines, making it a nearly odorless alternative. Salt water systems also require much less maintenance and are more economical than other systems. Because it is constantly recycling its purification system, it rarely needs additional salts or attention.


Maintenance for these systems is fairly low, as once the system is properly set up by our service technician and operating normally, salt only needs to be topped off in cases of lost water from splashing or when the water is drained. The level of salt is usually so low for a Salt Water System Marin County users of salt water systems say a salt taste is not even discernable in the water.

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